TOP 25 Ridiculously Stupid Car Spoilers

Car spoilers were designed to provide balance for racing cars while on the tracks. But it appears they have a new and varied function going by the different versions we spot on vehicles.
I mean.. how in the world could somebody put a shelf on the back of their car and call it a spoiler? Perplexing what people do. Here is a list of 25 of the most ridiculously stupid car spoilers. Some are so ridiculous you would want to puke.

1. Can you guess the age of this car? Let’s put it at 35. What would an antique grade car be doing with spoilers in the first place? Not only is the spoiler inappropriate, but it is also not a remarkable sight. If spoilers were meant to provide stability, how fast can this car go to require some balancing apparatus? I think I’m overreacting over this spoiler. Who knows, maybe the owner meant for the spoiler to be a table or something to serve food on while on a picnic. Anyhow it is, I think this spoiler is a stupid idea on this car, and even appears as an afterthought. It is a fail to me though.