TOP 25 Hilarious Custom Plates

These in-your-face funny guys are the ones who spend hours combining letters and numbers in order to spell something hilarious. Usually, the number plate itself isn’t hilarious, but what is is knowing that some fool has paid to have it attached to their car.
We’ve scoured the depths of the internet and rounded up what we believe to be the most insane number plates out there.

You are next:

You are driving through the traffic and just finished cursing the next driver when this black hearse cuts you off, and you are like, what the hell! In the heat of the moment, your eyes drop down to the number plate, and you are? Could you describe the feeling if you saw these words staring you in the face “You Are Next”? I bet the swear words won’t find the momentum to fly out of your mouth. Even though the message is somehow melancholic, the delivery is quite funny.