Top 25 Most Impressive Semi-Truck Tuning


The Knights of the highway with their big rigs, more than 1,800,000 semi-trucks, spend their days and nights taking and collecting goods to and from the distribution centers, transporting raw materials to the factories and delivering food to the local grocery stores and surprisingly some are given a new look which makes it a show of ride for the road. They are gradually becoming a regular sight on our roads! Because big rigs put more than 140 billion miles on the road each year, manufacturers build and design the semi-trucks magnificent styles. When looking for one of the 25 most impressive semi-trucks tuning, a driver must consider the design, lights, and body make.

1. Harley-Davidson

For the man who has everything, and needs something to haul it around in; the Harley Davidson Lone Star is one to get. There is something spectacular about this truck; right from the outside, it appears to be all glitz and a sight to behold. The big International has Harley-inspired headlights, a unique grille and 24.5-inch wheels, a unique black and green paint job and plenty of chrome to make even an arab sheik jealous. It’s got a clean, deep, and classically simple front bumper with integrated fog and marker/turn lamps and an optional bumper light bar.