Top 25 Ridiculous and Expensive Cars Celebrities Own

With so much money to spend, it makes sense that celebrities would own cars that put the rest of us to shame. From luxury-packed models to those that break world records, discover some of the ridiculous and expensive cars that celebrities own.

1. 50 Cent’s Lamborghini Murcielago

With its high price tag, luxury, and record for speed, it makes perfect sense that celebrities frequently pick Lamborghinis. 50 Cent owns a Murcielago thatcost $300,000, which is affordable for him considering his long list of hits. His Murcielago builds on the version non-celebrities get, including custom paint. It also has a slender build and incredibly powerful engine. The rapper’s version of this sports car is blue, but any color would be worthy of a celebrity. The Murcielago has a mid-engine and all-wheel drive, plus a low-slung body and angular design, helping earn its supersports car status.